Paying For Your Lawyer



Before we take your case, we will need what is called a “retainer”. A retainer means an amount of money that you deposit with your lawyer’s firm before your lawyer works for you. The retainer amount is negotiated with your lawyer, and will depend on a number of things, such as length of your case, complexity of your case and whether your case will go to trial. A retainer is necessary because, without it, it is unclear who is actually representing you. The retainer is put into a separate account, called a trust account, and will not be spent until your lawyer proceeds to work on your case.


Additional legal fees

Your lawyer may require additional funds from you as your case progresses. On the other hand, if your lawyer manages to negotiate a deal on your behalf, it is possible that you may be reimbursed a portion of your retainer.


How to pay

Cash and paper cheques are accepted. Many clients enjoy the convenience of paying online, using their bank’s payment app and our email


Legal Aid

You may qualify for legal aid if your income is low enough. For legal aid to be accepted by the firm, you will need a certificate. Legal Aid Ontario issues legal aid certificates to people who are legally and financially eligible and need a lawyer. As Legal Aid Ontario states, this certificate is like a “voucher” for legal services. You can use it to “pay” for a lawyer to represent you for a certain number of hours. To apply for a certificate, call 1-800-668-8258.



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